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Blog | Jan 18, 2021

Maki House grows — new recruits to build founder platform and boost market insights

Maki House grows — new recruits to build founder platform and boost market insights
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Reetta Heiskanen and Thomas Bacon join Maki House

Maki.vc’s team has grown with two new recruits, with Thomas Bacon joining as the fund’s new Investment Analyst and Reetta Heiskanen appointed as the new Platform and Marketing Manager. The recruits further strengthen and build Maki.vc’s market insights, brand and founder platform.

Thomas is Brexit’s gift to the Nordics and Maki.vc, an ex Venture Investment Associate from London-based Founders Factory. At Maki.vc, he’ll focus on deep tech, financial tech and AI solutions.

“Maki.vc has crystallized the relationship between deep-tech and strong brands — and that really resonated with me. I was already a big believer that the Nordics punch above their weight when it comes to building successful companies on a global scale, and I look forward to working with Maki.vc’s founders,” Thomas explains.

Reetta’s background is in startups and journalism. She was virtual event platform Brella’s first hire to build the company’s business in the U.S and has previously worked as a business and politics journalist at Helsingin Sanomat, the largest daily subscription newspaper in the Nordics.

In her new role, Reetta will work closely with Maki.vc’s growing portfolio platform of early-stage companies and support them in their journey of growth.

“The best part of my new role is that I get to work with teams building new solutions such as sustainable alternatives to cotton, quantum technology and modern food production. I will go all-in in helping our founders overcome obstacles whether it’s in recruitments, business development or building their brand”, Reetta says.

“When we talk about venture capital, we tend to focus on investment decisions when in reality that’s where the work with founders really starts. A VC should invest more than money”, Reetta adds.

Want to get in touch with Reetta or Thomas? Just send your letters at reetta@maki.vc and thomas@maki.vc.

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