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Maki House Spring 2023 Event Lineup

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Maki House Spring 2023 Event Lineup
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As the days are getting brighter and lighter, the European startup ecosystem is gearing up for a spring packed with exciting industry-events. Right on cue, we put together a list of must-not-miss upcoming events where you can meet our team and exchange industry-shaking ideas.


Energy Tech Summit 2023 → 26 - 27 Apr | Warsaw, Poland

Meet Petra Koivuvaara

Startup Extreme → 26 – 27 Apr | Hemsedal, Norway

Panel: PR and branding for startups with a small budget

Wed 27 Apr | 15:00 CEST | Off-Piste (Stavkroa)

Speaking: Reetta Heiskanen

TechChill → 27 - 28 Apr | Riga, Latvia

Panel: How to get from labs to the market - commercializing research-based firms?

Wed 28 Apr | 12:20 EEST | Founders Stage

Speaking: Paavo Räisänen

In addition to Paavo you can also meet Caroline Gattner at TechChill


Oslo Tech Excursion → 4 May | Oslo, Norway

Meet Maki’s Pauliina Martikainen and Reetta Heiskanen

Nordic Demo Day → 15 – 16 May | Malmö, Sweden

Meet Pauliina Martikainen

Latitude59 → 24 - 26 May | Tallinn, Estonia

Speaking: Pirkka Palomäki

In addition to Pirkka you can also meet Petra Koivuvaara


Arctic15 → 1 - 2 Jun | Helsinki, Finland

Meet Caroline Gattner and Petra Koivuvaara

Maki Portfolio Day → 1 Jun | Helsinki, Finland

Meet the whole Maki team

Founders Forum London → 13 - 15 Jun | London, UK

Meet Maki’s Ilkka Kivimäki

Sting Demo Day → 13 Jun | Stockholm, Sweden

Meet Petra Koivuvaara

You can also catch us at the VC-side event during Sting Demo Day too.

We are, of course, very eager to meet startup founders with ambitious plans, who’re working on deep tech and brand-driven solutions. If this is you, be sure to come say hello.

See you soon then!

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