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€100M seed fund to back brand-driven & deep tech founders

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The story continues: we’ve officially launched Maki Fund II. The fund is backed by exited tech entrepreneurs and executives who’ve built companies like Supercell, Smartly, Transferwise – to name a few.

We continue to invest across industries with a sweet spot for scientific advances and consumer-facing, brand-driven companies. We’ve already backed seven new founding teams from our new fund, and we are thrilled to introduce four of them to you:

Meet our latest investments in biotech, medtech and consumer tech:

Baseimmune is a UK-based company that designs future-proof vaccines. They are able to predict variants that are yet to be discovered, whilst ensuring protection against those variants based on the plasticity that the antigen demonstrates. Ariane, Joshua and Phillip are an all-star team of three scientists from the University of Oxford and we couldn’t be more excited to work with this team.

Pixieray makes next-generation eyeglasses, developing a solution that corrects eye vision based on context, instead of the static solution used today. Currently, the industry is dominated by few big players who enjoy big margins and do not need to innovate, and the market is growing

The team is very strong; there is technical, business and software knowledge and a track record of building successful companies.

Zevoy simplifies expense management. They combine Zevoy’s business card with a receipt scanning app and administration portal, and automate all company expenses in real-time – increasing employee satisfaction along the way.

The founders have years of experience in B2B cloud services and finance, and are now paving the way for Nordic fintech.

Volare uses food production side streams to produce high-quality proteins and oils in order to replace other animal proteins, soy and palm oil. Ultimately, they’re creating 100% new products and 0% new side streams.

The team of engineers, agronomists, operators and researchers combine decades of experience in the industry and research – ready to build a truly circular food industry.

Maki House is growing – are you the latest addition?

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We root for brave founders who challenge category norms to build something unforeseen. Our team works side by side with founders to help with strategy, talent, brand, commercialization and the next funding rounds. The investment decision is where the work only starts – together with our network of global LPs, we work closely with entrepreneurs to help them build their company from idea to commercial-scale.

And we don’t only support founders, we support the early hires, too. We know that building the early processes at a new venture is hard – and it becomes impossible without the right support network.

Our community of entrepreneurs and doers at Maki House work side by side with the new entrants to supercharge their growth. Do you have the next ground-breaking idea?

Let us know about it. Reach out to us at

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