Blog | May 27, 2022

Welcoming our new Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Reetta square WRITTEN BY Reetta Heiskanen Operations Manager Pamela
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We’re thrilled to announce that Pamela Halminen has joined the Maki team as our new Executive Assistant & Office Manager.

Pamela is taking on this new role after a five-year career at McKinsey & Company where she gained extensive experience on related tasks:

“I’m super excited about the new experiences and opportunities awaiting me. After working five years for McKinsey & Company I have now jumped in to support the Maki team. Prioritizing, managing multiple tasks, working independently and in a team is everyday life for me, especially in environments where things are ever changing and the tempo of moving forward is fast! Playing calendar Tetris really is my game,” says Pamela.

Pamela has a diverse and international background as she studied and worked in Germany, as well as lived in Abu Dhabi for five years. At one point in her previous work, Pamela was even responsible for the total planning of 700,000 tons of paper (daily) at UPM – talk about planning specialists.

Now in her new role at Maki, Pamela is in the center of running our daily operations - internally and externally:

“I’m interested in being close to startups because they bring the opportunity to discover industry shaping ideas that take off, create new jobs and of course make life easier for many people, faster,” says Pamela.

Once again, welcome to the Maki team!

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