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Building the digital infrastructure for consumer rental businesses to start, manage, and grow their business

By empowering the suppliers of sustainable consumption with groundbreaking software, Rentle accelerates the growth of access-based business models globally.

The rental industry has long been underserved by modern technology providers. This is why, when you engage a rental provider you are often greeted with outdated user experience or battle-tested but old systems - or sometimes just paper and pen. Does this sound like something that will empower sustainable consumption and business models globally? Nope. That is why Rentle is here to fix it.

SaaS & Consumer rentals



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Users have access to top-tier products without the stress of having to buy them, and when the items aren’t needed anymore, they simply return the item(s) and leave with something more suitable

Tuomo Laine CEO at Rentle

This is the all‑in‑one eCommerce rental software

Consumers are vying sustainable consumption models, as non-ownership attitude is becoming increasingly popular. And the rental industry has long been underserved by providers of modern tech.

Rentle's aim is to empower everyone from rental businesses to equipment manufacturers to focus on what they do best - designing and creating experiences. Renting becomes more approachable, profitable and scalable with less friction, and more businesses can be built around the sustainable consumption model of renting.

Rentle's founders are Tuomo Laine, Toomas Kallioja, and Joel Mikkonen

Founders combine strong experience in software development, service & UX design. Prior to Rentle, they've over a decade of experience as entrepreneurs running their companies in field of experience agency, and marketing & design.

Partners love this all‑in‑one eCommerce rental software

Rentle has partnered with Skidata, Vuokatti, Ruka and Ylläs, and a number of other forward thinking rental shops.

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I kid you not, lots of existing rental systems are still being run locally on Windows Vista or XP

Tuomo Laine CEO at Rentle

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