Building universal, data-backed solutions for the cosmetics industry

The cosmetics industry is lacking science-based solutions and Revela wants to change that. They are starting with the hair loss space that hasn’t changed over the past 40 years. Time and time again, companies have simply remixed the same formulations and repackaged the promise of new and better hair growth. But now consumers know that they can’t expect better results from the same old ingredients.

Revela’s technology leverages the best of modern biotech and artificial intelligence to discover ingredients that tackle specific problems. So, Revela used their AI model to search through 7 million molecules for potential ingredients that can improve hair follicle health— and found a single never-before-seen ingredient to be the safest and most effective through rigorous testing. They’ve named it ProCelinyl, and it outperforms any other ingredient on the market.



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Revela is taking a unique stance in the cosmetic industry that has been plagued by ‘snake oil’ products for many years. The IP and science underpinning the company combined with a strong brand is opening the door for an industry revolution — exactly the sweet point for

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At Revela “science-backed” means something

In 2020, COVID-19 hit and Revela founding team was not able to work in their labs at Harvard, MIT and Princeton. After working on cancer treatments and solutions to other major health conditions, they wanted their next step to be able to help a large number of people address significant problems in their everyday life. That’s why Revela was created. To raise the bar and redefine an industry that makes lofty claims without any intent of delivering.

Founders: Evan Zhao, PHD - CEO, Evelyn Chen - Chief Product Officer, Avinash Boppana - CTO & David Zhang, PhD - Chief Security Officer

Revela uses AI to search for unique and completely new ingredients that offer targeted results. Their products are created using a scientific process that includes using proprietary biosensors and assays to probe biological models.

At Revela, we begin our process by challenging the status quo to see where you can improve. Using AI, we lead the discovery of completely new ingredients to offer products with real, targeted results. Our technology allows us to scan the library of 3 billion molecules and create a shortlist of ingredients with the highest potential of being the perfect solution with no trial and error involved

Evan Zhao Co-founder & CEO, Revela

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