Making history? We're a VC firm that champions entrepreneurs rewriting the future.

Making history? We're a VC firm that champions entrepreneurs rewriting the future. is a seed-stage VC firm partnering with deep tech & brand-driven companies obsessed with challenging category norms. We have a sweet spot for early stage founders with scientific advances and customer understanding that looks beyond convention.

MAKI HOUSE VC Fund That Doesn't Look for Consensus is venture capital fund founded to fuel the most lunatic visions, to back the most audacious founding teams and defend disputed ideas. We provide seed funding for early stage startups with far-fetched plans that might shake and shape the world, but have likely been overlooked by the industry. To build iconic brands that stand the test of time.

We vow to be the VC company that's always on the founder’s side – because we know that entrepreneurship is hard, and it becomes impossible without the right support network. VC funding should always be about investing more than money. That’s why Maki House brings together a global powerhouse of experts, all of whom are eager to support founders in future-proofing their companies. Ready to meet your champions and challengers?

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ESG Approach Shaping resilient companies

ESG is a key building block in supporting the growth and development of the companies we invest in. As an early-stage investor, we have a unique opportunity to help companies incorporate ESG into their operations from day one. Startups with strong operational sustainability are better equipped to ensure long-term profits and survival. We help simplify and streamline sustainable practices, and support companies in incorporating them.

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