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The Forces of Change We Champion.

What’s new for the next twenty years? We believe when certain technologies evolve, such as AI, VR and AR, quantum computing, and space technology, countless new applications and businesses will arise.

Yet, we never invest to check a box. We operate under the assumption that strong teams identify the most interesting areas. What is paramount to us - instead of technology or industry - is partnering with founders who are relentless in challenging existing category norms.


Founded: 2015

Field: New materials

Entry to Maki House: 2018

Spinnova develops the most sustainable fibre in the world. Their disruptive mechanical method turns cellulose into textile fibre, using around 99 % less water than cotton production and without any harmful chemicals.

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Founded: 2016

Field: Medtech

Entry to Maki House: 2018

Disior turns CT and MRI images into mathematical models and numerical analysis to support diagnosis and treatment planning. Their software analyzes, quantifies and parameterizes medical images for diagnostics, pre-operative planning and treatment optimization.


Founded: 2016

Field: AI, SaaS, customer service

Entry to Maki House: 2018 gives customer service agents the AI powers to provide faster, smarter responses. It automates your repetitive customer service cases and guides your agents with answer recommendations through complex tasks. Scale your team and improve CX with 24/7 multilingual customer support.