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MAKI TEAM At your service.

When you work with Maki.vc, you get all of us as your champions and challengers.

A connected core team of serial entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and startup executives inspired by the tech we grew up with and fascinated with creative solutions in product, strategy, operations, and branding.

FOUNDERS Hear us Out.

When we invest, you as a founder get the entire Maki team to work with you, side by side.

And we don’t only support founders, we support the early hires, too. We know that building the early processes at a new venture is hard - and it becomes impossible without the right support network. Our community of entrepreneurs and doers at Maki House work side by side with the new entrants to supercharge their growth.

Do you have the next ground-breaking idea? Let us know about it. Reach out to us at lets@maki.vc