Healing the root cause of chronic symptoms

Chronic pain is a $635 billion per year burden on the health care system in the U.S. alone. Aivo's vision is to shift chronic pain care from ad hoc random encounters to continuous precision care. The company is developing a personalized self-care program with leading neuroscientists that teaches brain to overcome chronic back pain. To cure chronic pain, the brain needs to be rewired and Aivo's program uses emotional learning to treat the root cause of chronic pain. By discovering personal pain profile Aivo is able to create personalized daily programs, which are fine-tuned monthly to start journey towards pain-free life.

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The Aivo Program is developed by leading neuroscientists

While serial entrepreneur and chronic pain patient Mika Marjalaakso studied scientific literature for a cure, he stumbled on the work of Professor Apkarian, a respected neuroscientist who used brain imaging to show that, instead of the tissue damage, the brain structure was best to predict the symptom patterns and differential treatment response. Soon after, Aivo was born. Now, Marjalaakso and Apkarian are building Aivo together. They're fulfilling their vision by using in-app digital biomarkers and machine learning models that leverage Dr. Apkarian's decades of work at Northwestern University.

Mika Marjalaakso is CEO and Co-founder of Aivo, he's a serial entrepreneur and pain patient himself. Dr Vania Apkarian is CSO and Co-founder of Aivo. He's a world-know researcher and neuroscientist. Melissa Farmer is a Chief Clinical Officer and Co-Founder at Aivo Health - she's developed and executed numerous clinical studies involving diverse chronic pain populations in the Northwestern University. Finally, Rolf Sormo is the company's CTO and Co-founder who has been running teams and companies revolving around technology for two decades now.

The Aivo App is your everyday tool to take back control of your chronic pain. Aivo is currently enrolling pre-registerations for the Aivo App & Program.

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We are starting with chronic low back pain, but we’ve got big ambitions. And we won’t stop until we’ve succeeded at redefining what chronic pain care means.

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