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Eco-friendly and personalized dog food, delivered directly to the customer’s door

The growing pet industry is an area that has not reacted to sustainability challenges that the industry is causing, but Alvar Pet believes owning a dog should not be a choice against the environment.

Alvar Pet has created a range of zero-emission meals by making sustainable choices in every step of the operational chain. That means choises such as using Nordic ingredients like Baltic herring, faba beans and oats, using recyclable materials, and delivering the food directly to the dog owner's front door.

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Alvar's value-led mission stands out from its competitors. The company's D2C business challenges the traditional, well-known brands and the often locally functioning distributors with its data-driven customer understanding and speed.

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Alvar Pet found an uncatered space in environmentally-conscious pet owners

Being dog owners themselves, the founder group felt that these topics should be addressed and they founded Alvar with the mission to minimise the carbon pawprint. They started addressing the pawprint impact of food consumption that accounts over 50% of the emissions.

They currently offers a range of zero-emission dog foods made of Nordic ingredients such as Baltic herring, oats and faba beans and have delivered over 300,000 meals since their launch in 2020.

Alvar Pet's founders are Ilari Haataja, Sini Saalasti, Hanna Lemmetti, & Henna Söderholm

The founding team is equipped with exceptional experience from the field. The CEO Ilari Haataja was previously at EQT Partners and a board member at a fast-growing Nordic pet supply retailer Musti Group. Meanwhile, co-founder Henna Söderholm previously worked in R&D at global dog food company Royal Canin.

Open positions at Alvar Pet

There are currently no positions available, but if you're all in for minimizing the carbon pawprint, follow Alvar's openings from their Linkedin page.

Alvar Pet

As dogs become an increasingly popular and prominent part of our lives, their environmental impact must be addressed

Ilari Haataja Co-founder of Alvar Pet

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