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Making the world’s information useful across the enterprise

Strise is pioneering how companies will utilize data in their work processes. Strise takes the world's information and analyzes it with human accuracy. They filter out noise and see hidden connections at bigger scale, and let you leave data-silos and work processes limited by the software behind.

Strise welcomes an era of AI-powered organizations that empower people with new knowledge and business critical information.




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It is not about replacing people but creating a new way of working where users and new data insights go hand in hand to solve critical problems.

Marit Rødevand CEO at

Personalized AI platform enables organizations across industries to accelerate business processes such as AML & credit risk

Do your due diligence, KYC, and AML processes on a single platform. Utilize event-triggered due diligence and perpetual monitoring of companies and make automated audit reports to save time and increase quality in compliance processes.'s core technology uses artificial intelligence and a unique data model that connects business-intelligence, network-data, and insights from 200k+ sources. This means unparalleled company profiling and access to the world's information shown in a user-friendly way. Each individual's experience is personalized through machine learning and based on the actions of users within the platform - this is to focus on what's most important as users move through their daily workflow. founders are Marit Rødevand, Sigve Søråsen, and Patrick Skjennum

Prior to Strise, Marit Co-founded Rendra AS, construction industry SaaS company, Acquired by JDM Technology Group. Sigve serves as the current CPO with more than 10 years of high-tech and digital media start-up experience, and Patrick runs the role of CTO with his background as full stack software engineer and entrepreneur, specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and with a strong background in language agnostic NLP.

Significant collaborations has partnered with high-growth finance companies such as Kameo, Crowd, Folkeinvest & Funding Parter. helps some of Scandinavia’s major banks, such as Sparebank1 SMN and BN Bank, with anti-money laundering, credit risk and sales. quote image

When we started Strise we understood that as a Big Data/AI-company we needed to be extremely fast. Speed and execution guided the design of our core values.

Marit Rødevand CEO at

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