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Improving companies' employee experience by building Office Stores as a Service

TOTEM is a modern concept of office stores including quality snacking and customizable food & convenience services designed for companies who value human interactions, co-workers’ well-being and respect for the environment. TOTEM believes your company shouldn't have to be Google to be able to provide an amazing employee experience. Instead, this should be accessible for everyone at a lower cost and with convenient options.

TOTEM aims to be more than a “peanut delivery service”: it offers more than a 1000 products without a delivery fee. TOTEM wants to act as an everyday facilitator that promotes healthy food, environmental respect, human interactions and wellbeing at the workplace.

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We want our products to be cheaper than the nearest supermarket.

Rafael De Lavergne Co-founder of TOTEM

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They are called "the new twist in the food delivery space"

Launched in 2017, Paris-based TOTEM is now serving more than 10,000 users via a ‘B2B2C’ model, which in this case means it installs customisable office micro-stores for employees. The team wants to take on the traditional catering giants, local convenience stores and the big food delivery players.

For smaller offices where it doesn’t really make sense to install the stores, TOTEM offers a healthy/organic food delivery service through its mobile app.

TOTEM's founders are Rafaël De Lavergne and Pierre Gallet

Co-founders Rafaël de Lavergne and Pierre H. Gallet are alumni of leading French institutions École Polytechnique and Ecole Centrale Paris, combining research and academics with cutting-edge technology and engineering. Paired with their experience in working with and co-founding startups, this duo excels in both engineering and execution – and TOTEM's smooth backend speaks volumes on this.

Apple, Google & Payfit

TOTEM has already partnered with major players on the field like Edenred, Swile, and Sodexo Up, and collaborated with Danone.

Their significant customers include Apple, Google, Payfit, Monitor Deloitte, and Murex.

Open positions at TOTEM

TOTEM's team is growing fast, so if you want to join their mission visit their career page.

But this could be a lot more than a pimped-up vending machine.


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