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Spinnova is developing the most sustainable fibre

Spinnova is on a mission to create a more sustainable textile industry. One where cellulose-based materials are a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and preferred option for brands. The current manufacturing processes rely mostly on non-renewable resources such as oil, fertilizers and dye, while consuming globally 93 billion cubic meters of water annually. That’s nearly the amount of water in the Dead Sea.

Spinnova’s sustainable fibre, created out of wood and waste without the use of harmful chemicals and with 99% less water than the cotton value chain, will be available for global textile brands in 2022. Fibre produced this way creates minimal CO2 emissions, is quickly biodegradable and contains no microplastics.

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We work hard to scale up an innovation that global, critical challenges like climate change desperately need

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It all started with a spiderweb

In 2009, former fluid dynamics scientist Juha Salmela attended a lecture at Oxford University, given by a leading spider researcher about the structural similarities between the spider web and nanocellulose. During the lecture he got inspired: Would it be possible to replicate the spider’s nozzle technique and apply it to cellulose? As freaky as it may sound, it was.

With team of +40 their journey is on the verge of commercialization. With their committed brand partners, Spinnova has introduced the first demo products. Now, they're finalizing product properties and production processes, while working on further prototypes with partners who share our passion for sustainability.

Spinnova's founders are Juha Salmela and Janne Poranen

Spinnova was founded by Juha and Janne in January 2015 as a spin-off from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Prior Spinnova, Juha worked as a cellulose expert at VTT and Janne as Head of Biomaterials research.

Spinnova has established several global brand collaborations with the likes of HM & Marimekko

Spinnova materials have been developed in collaboration with leading fashion brands such as Danish clothing company Bestseller (VeroModa & ONLY), Finnish fashion house Marimekko, and Norwegian outdoor brand Bergans. Most recent partnership announcement was as H&M Group released it has joined this group of brands in a partnership with Spinnova. Read more about the collaborations here.

Spinnova and Suzano to open commercial scale factory in 2022

Spinnova and the world’s largest wood pulp producer Suzano have announced to build the first commercial scale SPINNOVA®production facility in Finland. The new, industrial scale production unit will be located in Jyväskylä, Finland, home of Spinnova’s R&D hub and pilot facility, and will be a major leap towards sustainable textile production. Spinnova’s sustainable fibre, created out of wood and waste without the use of harmful chemicals, will be available for global textile brands in 2022. Read more here.

This tech can make fabric from old clothing, agricultural waste–and even trees

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