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Building the next-generation AI platform for user feedback

Today, most product teams are doubling down on product discovery, ensuring they understand their users’ problems and needs before building solutions. However, one thing every product team struggles with is that no one has time to unify and make sense of all the feedback collected. Instead, feedback is scattered all over the place, slowing down decision-making and leading to solutions being built without key insights.

Magic Feedback is an AI platform that unifies all your user feedback in one place and uses its custom-built AI to automatically analyze everything for you. The platform covers everything from feedback collection, analysis, and execution, providing companies with groundbreaking new innovations such as AI-powered surveys, forms, and search.

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As we move from systems that did not understand the data that went into them to AI systems that do, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a radically new and improved way for product teams to work with user feedback. The future is here, and together with Maki, we have everything we need to seize the moment.

Nima Vali Rajabi Co-founder & CEO of Magic Feedback

Disrupting the industry from the ground up

For the past 10 years, founders Francisco and Nima have been working with feedback platforms that did not understand the data that went into them. And just like every other product team, they suffered from a myriad of manual workflows, forcing users to make sense of the data. So, in 2023, when the developments in the AI space for the first time allowed systems to understand what data went into them, the founders did not hesitate for one moment to start executing on a radically new and better way for product teams to work with user feedback. In just a few months, the founders released their first version and onboarded industry-leading customers.

Nima Vali Rajabi - CEO; Francisco Arias - CTO

At the heart of Magic Feedback’s strategy is a decisive move away from popular LLM models like ChatGPT for feedback analysis. Citing significant error rates and privacy concerns, the founders have opted to develop their proprietary machine learning models. This technology promises more accurate and data privacy-compliant processing of user feedback.

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While many product teams are doubling down on continuous product discovery, even the most advanced product teams struggle with scattered user feedback. Knowing this, it was an easy decision to invest and now share in Nima's and Francisco's vision of making a positive impact on every product on the internet leveraging AI.

Pauliina Martikainen Partner at

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