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Introducing a pioneering optical solution to adaptive eyeglasses

Pixieray introduces a pioneering optical solution to eyeglasses, giving perfect vision to the wearer in all use contexts. A traditional eyeglass lens is a mechanical and optical compromise, with fixed focal points. Pixieray’s adaptive solution delivers unmatched optical performance by constantly adjusting the focal point and applying the ideal correction. This reduces eye strain and substantially increases user comfort.




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Pixieray lenses truly enable the full potential of an individual's corrected vision

Rebecca Xu COO of Pixieray

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Giving anyone the perfect vision

"You can think of it as a pair of prescription eyeglasses where the lenses can zoom in or out, much like the camera on your iPhone, so that your vision is good no matter what you’re looking at. It’s like eyeglasses with autofocus," writes VentureBeat.

Pixieray modernizes traditional eyeglass optics by introducing a pioneering adaptive solution giving anyone perfect vision. Founded by veterans in Augmented Reality technology, the team has now raised there seed round and works on their first product that will enable people with a farsighted eyeglass prescription to read and work with optimal vision, removing cumbersome multifocals and the need to switch eyeglasses.

Team of infustry veterans

Pixieray founders and scientific advisor are Niko Eiden, Chief Executive Officer (Microsoft, Varjo, CERN, Rebecca Xu, Chief Operation Officer (Foxconn, Nokia, Murata), Klaus Melakari, Chief Technology Officer (Nokia, Microsoft, Varjo), Ville Miettinen, Chief Algorithm Officer (NVIDIA, Varjo), Professor Jocelyn Faubert, and Company Advisor (Director of Faubert Lab at the Université de Montréal)

Alongside its launch, Pixieray told to VentureBeat that the glasses are expected to ship in 2023. The goal with the first product is to enable people with a farsighted eyeglass prescription to read and work with optimal vision. Optical strength can be adjusted by the wearer over time to match changes in their vision, and the company's tech will also significantly increase the clear field of view compared to multifocal lenses

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We believe that Pixieray can make a meaningful difference for the millions of people around the world who rely on their eyeglasses for everyday life.

Niko Eiden CEO of Pixieray

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