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Accelerating breakthrough R&D with quantum simulation technology

Companies innovating in deep tech fields, from fusion energy and aerospace to electric motors and 5G technology, rely heavily on simulations to provide feedback for product development. However, existing solutions come with high costs and other inefficiencies resulting in long waits before bringing products to the market.

As world’s first cloud-and-quantum-computing-powered multiphysics simulation technology provider, Quanscient is radically accelerating simulations and transforming R&D processes across multiple industries. Quanscient doesn’t only enable speedy and highly complex R&D – their better simulations also help to make products more energy efficient and sustainable.

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With the help of our technology, innovation and product development become more efficient, and products are brought to market faster. With the existing solutions, it can take up to a month to run a superconductor simulation to provide feedback for product development. Quanscient can do this in a few hours.

Juha Riippi Co-founder and CEO of Quanscient

Advancing the foundations of simulation research

Quanscient’s founding team has been working to accelerate the performance of simulation platforms long before founding the company in 2021. The performant and modern set of algorithms they developed is the bedrock of their simulation platform which, as of now, is supporting 17 companies to carryout groundbreaking research and product development. With the new investment, Quanscient aims to further their product development and expansion to enable more and more companies to innovate and bring their products to market efficiently and sustainably.

Juha Riippi - CEO; Alexandre Halbach - CTO; Asser Lähdemäki - Software Architect; Valtteri Lahtinen - CSO

Quanscient’s pioneering cloud-and-quantum-computing-powered multiphysics simulation technology offers fully digital R&D processes with the unique combination of native multiphysics algorithms, advanced cloud computing, and the prospect of future quantum integration.

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Quanscient’s product delivers unforeseen runtime speed, scale, and accuracy for simulations. The product enables flexibility by allowing the users to combine any physics in a single simulation, providing unforeseen accuracy and usability when solving multiphysics problems. We were impressed by Quanscient’s strong team with experience in quantum computing, software, and research, and look forward to helping them scale the business further.

Ilkka Kivimäki Founding Partner of

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