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The novel acoustic tile championing sustainability

A sought-after feature of any indoor space is the acoustics—in other words how peaceful and quiet it can really be. And this makes acoustic tiles a key element of modern construction. However, the solutions widely used today are highly carbon intensive. To add to that the end products (made of insulating materials like glass wool or rock wool) are non-recyclable and can cause irritability. All too much of a price to pay for silence. Now Aisti is stepping in to change that with their novel acoustic tile—a natural, healthy and environmentally friendly solution for modern construction needs.

Aisti combines wood fiber with a unique manufacturing process to create low density fibreboards without synthetic material. Not only is the result, Aisti® Teno Acoustic tile, all natural and 100% circular but also cost-effective to produce. Simply put, it’s the future of acoustics.

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Our goal is to rise alongside the world's largest acoustic tile manufacturers by offering sustainable products for the needs of today’s construction

Mikko Paananen Founder and CEO of Aisti

Making new standards of construction material

Construction is one of the most environmentally taxing industries—especially in terms of resourcing, manufacturing and disposing materials. It’s in urgent need of both alternative materials and processes that can bring sustainable solutions without compromising the quality. Which are also optimized for industrial scale production at a competitive price point. It just so happens that this challenge is what drives Aisti’s veteran founding team. So they are combining their expertise on bio-based material, fiber-based processes and property design to create novel solutions that are making new standards for construction material.

Mikko Paananen - CEO; Antti Fredrikson - COO; Petri Jetsu - CTO

Aisti leverages ‘foam foaming technology’ originally developed for the pulp and paper industry to unleash the many possibilities of wood fiber. Resulting product is -3 CO2 binding/m2, -10% in life cycle cost, 0% plastic—and is 100% recyclable.

Aisti’s technology is ready and scalable quickly. There is a huge potential in carbon-negative and cost-competitive new building materials

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