BLAST Premier

Building a global esports media network delivering world class entertainment experiences

BLAST Premier is an innovative global tournament series of live Counter-Strike tournaments, with the best teams in the world competing in a fast and exhilarating format.

Whether it be intimate broadcast studio shows, arena events, digital platforms, or industry-leading multi-platform content, the BLAST team creates the most exciting, exhilarating, and euphoric moments in esports.




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It's about diversifying our incredible broadcasts, our digital product, to enable ourselves to be in further games

Robbie Douek CEO at BLAST Premier

The most entertaining esports event in the world

In 2019, esports revenues were above $1B, while the entire games industry has become a $150B business. BLAST Premier works in the center of this growing industry.

In 2020 Blast Premier went completely digital with standout results. During 2020, Blast produced more than 800 hours of esports action – more than 6x than in 2019 – and generated over 146 million views across its owned channels, with tournaments broadcast in 105 territories.

BLAST's founders are Nikolaj Nyholm and Jakob Lund Kristensen

Nikolaj Nyholm is a Danish serial technology entrepreneur who has founded four technology startups and is an advisor to Minecraft creator Mojang. Together with Jakob Lund Kristensen, they've founded Astralis Group.

Latest collaborations include partnership with BBC

BLAST has also partnered with Twitch, TV2 Denmark, DAZN, Astro, and T VAzteca, and done brand collaborations with Red Bull, Kit Kat, Samsung, and Ben & Jerry’s – just to name a few!

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We’re an entertainment business by heart, so everything we do has to lead with this sort of mantra: We’re really trying to entertain the world, entertain the population, do it slightly differently, and make it really sing and dance

Robbie Douek CEO at BLAST Premier

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