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Building a financial analytics platform for startups and growth companies

Calqulate envisions a world where every entrepreneur has the financial knowledge to run a successful business and get easier access to financing.

Their financial analytics platform helps startups and growth companies to understand their current and future business performance to achieve faster growth. They do this, by combining all key subscription metrics, cashflow management and financial forecasts to a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Many companies, especially in their early stages, have limited budgets or capabilities in their financial teams. In order to manage successful, rapid growth, you need to be on top of your key metrics and have a forward looking view to your cash flow

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Financial forecasting shouldn’t be tedious and complex

The founders have personal experience of tech companies achieving considerably faster growth when they understand their key metrics and know how much it costs to acquire new customers in different markets. It's essential to know when it's time to invest in growth and Calqulate is working to eliminate challenges and risks by providing a clear overview of the company’s growth metrics and accurate cash flow forecasts.

Calqulate has grown to a burgeoning thirty person company with staff on 3 continents and representing 10 nationalities. Next, the company plans to launch its platform to businesses in other verticals, such as e-commerce and mobile gaming, and enter the U.S market.

Niko Laine and Osama Abdelmoghni are the founders of Calqulate

The CEO and co-founder Niko Laine, has spent 20 years working internationally with startups and growth companies as a CFO, setting up financial reporting and forecasting models for a range of companies.

Osama is a tech consultant passionate about startups, social enterprises, cross-cultural communication, data analysis, machine learning and languages. Leveraging extensive expertise in product architecture, operational management and strategic growth, Osama’s focus has always been to provide smart and innovative solutions and strategies for promising startups.

Major partnerships across Europe & US

Calqulate has developed partnerships with some of the biggest accelerators, startup hubs and VC’s in Europe and the US, with Station in Paris and Capital Innovators in the US offering the service to their members and portfolio companies.

By providing an opportunity to better understand their current and projected business performance, we’re positioning SaaS companies to achieve exponentially faster growth. We offer our customers a full suite of finance-led growth tools. Say goodbye to having 200 tabs open and say hello to clarity

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