Building a platform to discover your climate footprint

CarbonCloud makes climate labelling feasible on a global scale and on full portfolio level for the food producers. Without a platform for calculating and sharing of data, the industry cannot work effectively on their climate footprints.

CarbonCloud's web service replaces expensive expert consultants while delivering a superior service. The digital platform lets food producers easily calculate their climate footprint and share their results with business partners and the public. Users become their own experts and identify improvement potentials in their value chains.

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We love investing in teams making products that help make sustainable choices a habit. CarbonCloud’s vision for how to make a change in the food industry is truly unique, putting keys into brands’ and consumers’ hands in ways we've never seen before

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The science behind food and climate change is hard, but the decisions that have to be made to fight it are easy

Founded in 2016 as a spinout from food and climate research at Chalmers University of Technology. Founded and run by leading researchers on food and climate change who dedicate their lives to provide you with accurate and comprehensible information about the climate impact from your choices. Regardless of whether you are a chef, a restaurant guest, a food producer, or an end consumer. We help you understand and help you learn that making climate-smart choices is easy.

The team behind CarbonCloud combines decades of cutting edge climate impact research with long business executive and entrepreneurship experience. The services are developed and provided using state-of-the-art cloud computing technologies.

CarbonCloud's founders are David Bryngelsson and Mikael Tönnberg

PhD David Bryngelsson has been CEO of CarbonCloud since its inception. Before CarbonCloud, David worked as researcher on climate change mitigation at Chalmers University of Technology for 8 years.

Mikael Tönnberg is the Co-founder and CTO. Prior to CarbonCloud, Mikael has co-founded an Mezmerize-e, a company developing services for e-commerce.

Pushing for climate transparency with global food brands like Oatly & Estrella

CarbonCloud has partnered with Chalmers University of Technology and their significant customers include Oatly, Naturli Foods, and Estrella. The Oatly collaboration was even featured in Forbes:

"Plant-based milk brand Oatly first analyzed the life cycle of its products in 2013 and decided to put their climate footprint on packaging five years later, after making improvements to its production in Sweden, including switching to using renewable energy. Now, it has carbon labels online and on some product packaging on European products, and is in the early stages of doing this in the U.S."

Open positions at CarbonCloud.

There are currently no open positions, but keep an eye on our careers page or connect with the team.

Food and agriculture are globally responsible for almost 25% of the climate problem and end-consumers increasingly realize that they can make a difference by purchasing food products with transparent climate labels

David Bryngelsson CEO at CarbonCloud

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