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Building an Industrial IoT liquid analyzer

Collo's vision is to transform the productivity and environmental footprint of manufacturing industry. Their analyzer provides actionable real-time analytical results from processes prior measured only in a laboratory, and thus helps its customers better understand and to develop more effective liquid processes.

Collo helps its customers save energy, materials, processing time, and increase product quality and shorten product to market time. They're already working with tens of customers across several sectors: water, chemical and mining, food and beverage, ceramic, oil and paint, and coating. Their customers include global Fortune 500 companies as well as small and innovative process owners.

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We can increase the safety of liquids and save our stakeholders’ and mankind’s resources, including energy, chemicals, raw-materials and time.

Matti Järveläinen CEO at Collo

In search of a liquid fingerprint

Dirty drinking water, unqualified liquid used in a manufacturing process, or a contaminated drink on a bar counter. Liquids are ingenious to hide what they really contain. But every liquid has a fingerprint, and Collo has found a way to identify it.

Collo’s solution sends a MHz-range radio wave that advances through the liquid. The analyzer detects interferences that the chemicals and different component in the liquid in the liquid cause to the signal. Sensitivity of the measurement reaches a level of a millionth. It’s a continuous, real-time measurement that works regardless of the solidness or complexity of the liquid, from drinking water to ceramic mass.

Collo's founders are Matti Järveläinen and Teemu Yli-Hallila

Collo's story started at Tampere University (TUNI) where the founding team met and researched the field before spinning off the company. There, Dr. Matti Järveläinen reached out to a fellow researcher, Teemu Yli-Hallila, with a question about what kind of methods he could come up with for sending signals into material and could we learn something novel with this approach? The question was answered and the end result was Collo’s patent pending solution for liquids analyzing.

Collo collaborates with industry leaders

Collo has partnered with EIT Raw Materials, and their R&D partners are Huld and Zure. Their significant customers include ABB, Geberit, and Danone.

Every liquid has a unique fingerprint. No two are the same, just like no two human fingerprints are the same.

Ilkka Sillanpää Co-founder of Collo

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