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Building AI-powered apps at the speed of thought

Ideas can, and should, come from anywhere. But not everyone has the technical knowhow to transform them into practical, scalable applications fit for the AI-age. Databutton’s guided platform featuring AI-assistant, Databutler, allows everyday people to build and share interactive web apps from their browser. Early use cases include chatbots that help people with diabetes, and sleep apnea, an AI assistant that recommends products on a gardening site’s webshop, a real-time trading app, an app that automates marketing blog posts, and more. And they are just getting started.

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We're excited to have secured this funding, which will allow us to bring Databutton to market and revolutionize the way businesses create and share AI apps. Our AI-assisted product will empower anyone with domain knowledge and ideas to unleash their inner superheroes, enabling them to build amazing productivity tools in record time.

Trygve Karper CEO and Co-Founder of Databutton

Democratizing the data science discipline

Founders Trygve Karper, Martin Røed, and Viral Shah witnessed firsthand the struggle scientists and analysts go through to turn ideas into practical tools. In a bid to stop technical knowledge or skills from getting in the way of innovation and creativity, they founded Databutton in 2021. Since launching into beta in January 2023, the platform has registered nearly 4,000 users who have built almost 5,000 web applications and counting. With the new funding boost, the team aims to finetune Databutler and move ahead with a full launch later this year.

Trygve Karper - CEO; Martin Røed - CTO; Viral Shah - CPO

Databutton’s AI-assistant developer, Databutler, guides users to build interactive web apps in minutes – using either their own datasets, or by connecting to a growing catalog of sources, models and integrations such as Open AI’s GPT-4, Streamlit, Langchain’s language model app framework, and more. Their web-based platform powered by the widely used Python ecosystem helps users to deploy the code easily.

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Business decision making is better when it is backed by insights from data based on operations. Databutton is putting power in the hands of people to build the tools they need to make their work better and we’re excited to be supporting them as they start their journey.

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