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Inventing the most sustainable way to color textile

The textile industry is in need of a detox. It’s responsible for up to 10% of the carbon emissions and 20% of wastewater generated across the world. One of the main culprits behind this pollution is inefficient textile dyeing processes. Therefore, lowering the environmental toll of colors should be a top priority for everyone in the fashion ecosystem who are striving for more sustainability.

The Paris-based, material tech startup Ever Dye is stepping up to this challenge with their greener, faster and energy-efficient dyeing process that produces recyclable and reusable dyes. This eco-friendly alchemy involves – synthesizing pigments from natural elements, a fast and no-heat required process to attach the dyes, and a simple, mechanical process to clean the used water after the fact.

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With Ever Dye's novel method, fabrics can be dyed five times faster with fifteen times less energy consumed – and without any petrochemicals involved.

Ilan Palacci CEO at Ever Dye

Setting a new standard for creating colorful wardrobes

From day one, the team of experts behind Ever Dye has been pursuing a long-term solution that completely overhauls the fabric coloring process as we know it. Now, Ever Dye’s patented innovation allows brands to improve the sustainability of their supply chains, end products and product life cycles – without sacrificing their love for bold and vibrant colors. However, changing practices and behaviors of the fashion industry, on both consumer and producer ends, calls for a collaborative and systematic push. That’s why Ever Dye continues to work closely with partners who are also diving into cutting-edge research and development to keep elevating the bar of sustainable fashion.

Ilan Palacci - CEO; Amira Erokh, PhD - CTO

Ever Dye’s novel bio-sourced pigment, made of vegetal waste and minerals, can be applied in thirty minutes at room temperature. It is part of the new chemical process they are developing to allow dyeing mills to dye textiles faster, using less energy and without petrochemicals.

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Fashion is one of the industries most ripe for disruption, and Ever Dye’s technology brings a long-awaited, more sustainable solution to dyeing fabrics.

Paavo Räisänen Partner at

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