Building collaboration platform that uses immersive 3D graphics, virtual reality, and cloud computing

Glue facilitates virtual face-to-face collaborations in custom environments. In the post-pandemic era, remote work has become a norm, and Glue's mission is to help people and teams around the world collaborate remotely in more human, productive, and sustainable ways.

Glue takes advantage of recent advances in immersive 3D graphics, virtual reality, and cloud computing. The platform is accessible on a variety of hardware platforms: VR, AR, mobile, and desktop.




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The need for remote collaboration tools that truly emulate the experience of being face to face with others has never been greater

Jussi Havu CEO at Glue Collaboration

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Helping individuals and teams around the world to collaborate in more human, productive and sustainable way

Glue's team is drawn to an important challenge: to enable people thousands of miles apart to collaborate effectively in virtual environments, just as they might in a real physical setting. In 2016, the team revealed the first multi-user VR prototypes. These proved an instant hit.

Since then, their 30-strong team has continued to break new ground in multi-user VR software, developing Glue into the fully-featured virtual collaboration platform we are today.

Glue's founders are Juha Ruistola and Santtu Parikka

Glue's team brings the digital craftsmanship of Finnish graphics and gaming industry to change the enterprise collaboration software market. Santtu is a co-founder and Juha former CTO of Fake Production, a VR and gaming studio that has won multiple awards for animation.

Glue’s virtual environments and spatial audio immerses users and has attracted partners worldwide

Glue has partnered with HP, Oculus, and Telia, and theri R&D partner is Unity. Their significant customers include Microsoft, KLM, Patria, Fazer, Duodecim, and Maillefer.

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Glue’s virtual environments and spatial audio immerses users and creates agency and presence within the friendly, smooth, and soft designed space

Jae Grant Maloney New Technology Consultant at KLM.

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