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Building a social intrenet

Enterprise and fast-growing companies are struggling to connect a diverse workforce over locations and generations. Departmental silos, the absence of effective knowledge sharing, and an overflow of tools used to communicate and collaborate often results in low employee productivity and engagement.

Happeo is solving these challenges by bringing together the software that organizations use daily into one unified platform, allowing employees not only to connect and collaborate in new ways, but also to work more efficiently. With 280% YoY growth rate, today already more than 300,000 employees are working with the Happeo digital workplace. In 2019, Gartner named Happeo a Cool Vendor. That same year, The Next Web recognized Happeo as one of Europe's fastest-growing scale-ups.

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Traditional employee intranets are dead, because they host static and often outdated information in isolation, offering no value to the employee

Perttu Ojansuu Co-Founder and CEO of Happeo.

Big organizations tend to be terrible at internal communications

Company information is spread across several applications, and as the applications usually aren’t connected to one another, employees struggle to locate the right information at the right time. Happeo compiles different enterprise applications into one, easy-to-use UX, and enables integration of other corporate softwares such as CRM and HR systems.

And when ecosystems wage a furious war over market share and do everything in their power to create a strategic lock-down, the end user needs are often neglected. Happeo's vision is total integration, where employees can work with any solution regardless of political ecosystem tensions.

Happeo's founders are Perttu Ojansuu, Antero Hanhirova & Vesa Sironen

Perttu is the CEO and co-founder of Happeo. Before founding Happeo, together with Antero and Vesa, they started in the SaaS industry by building the biggest Google Cloud company in Finland.

300,000+ users with 2.5 million average daily messages sent

Happeo's customers include WWF, Chantelle, Rovio, Neste and Gant.

Open positions at Happeo

Happeo's team is based in Helsinki, Amsterdam, Cluj and US - and the team is looking for several new talent's to join their growth story.

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We felt that intranets were typically made only from the point of view of the administrators

Perttu Ojansuu CEO at Happeo

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