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Building the go-to-app for cycle mapping

Every woman is different and they each go through a unique menstrual cycle. But there’s very little information on how to hack these hormone spikes. That’s why Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis-Hill teamed up with veteran sports agent Jane Cowmeadow to share their expertise on how to train, eat and sleep for optimised hormonal health with everyday women - through an app.

Most training programs are made for the physiology of men and a 24-hour cycle. Jennis CycleMapping is on a mission to change this convention by creating a bespoke fitness programme that puts women in the driving seat of their own cycle.




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Only 6% of sport and exercise science research is done exclusively on women, so there is a huge gender data gap when it comes to knowing about women’s bodies and how to get the most out of them.

Dr Emma Ross Head of Physiology at Jennis

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A wellbeing plan that truly understands women

Jennis CycleMapping elevates the idea of a basic period tracker to develop training sessions that take into account the unique patterns and symptoms each woman experiences, and personal goals. The results include more efficient strength and fitness gains, a more consistent approach to training, reduced cycle symptoms (including hormonal headaches and hormonal insomnia), greater energy, more lean muscle and a more positive mood and body image across the cycle.

Founders: Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill - Co-founder & Athletics Director and Jane Cowmeadow - Co-founder & PR and Partnerships Director

Ennis-Hill, known as the winner of heptathlon gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games, is also an entrepreneur transforming women's health and fitness. Jennis CycleMapping is an invaluable addition to her growing portfolio of training, pregnancy and postnatal related apps. Cowmeadow is a veteran sports agent with over 20 years of experience in PR and Communications in the sports industry in the UK.

Working with Jennis Physiologist Dr Emma Ross and Mint Diagnostics, Jennis is conducting a 5-month study on a group of women (non-elite, everyday athletes) to study the impact of CycleMapping and hormonal balance. As part of the research, the team will use ground-breaking saliva testing to understand each woman’s unique menstrual cycle and hormonal profile.

We can help all women understand their bodies and hormones in a way we've never been taught to before.

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill Co-founder of Jennis

Dame Jessica Ennis -Hill
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