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Creating the first 4D-powered shape-shifting aligner

While deeptech solutions are revamping many facets of healthcare, dentistry has stayed immune to many of their economic and ecological advances. K Line Europe, a dental technology company from Düsseldorf, is now providing an eco-friendly alternative to the standard clear aligners that’s both time and money saving for orthodontic patients across 25 markets.

K Line Europe’s flagship product, ClearX, is the first dental aligner to leverage IoT. Its remote monitoring system allows patients to check their treatment process and modify the aligners’ fit without needing a new pair of aligners each time – or a time-consuming visit to the dentist’s office.




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The Clear aligner market has been surging in the last couple of years. However, the market was undermined by a weak infrastructure of services. K Line Europe has changed this equation by investing in innovative materials, automation, and robotics.

Dr. Sherif Kandil CEO of K Line Europe

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The state-of-the-art 4D technology bringing a major shift in orthodontics

ClearX-4D technology enables more resource efficient production. Since every aligner produced has shape memory for 3 different shapes, the company is able to reduce its plastic consumption by 60% on average.

IoT and remote solutions have been more scarce in orthodontics compared to consumer health tech at large. While shifting this industry paradigm, ClearX- 4D technology also aims to uplift the orthodontic patient experience. With 7 patents under its belt, K Line Europe aims to become the biggest private label provider of clear aligners in the world.

Dr. Sherif Kandil - CEO

Using an app and a pocket-sized booster, patients can adjust the fit of their ClearX aligner upto 3 times. The booster is a small, take-home water container that is heated to a pre-specified temperature using the ClearX app. Once the aligner is inserted, it takes approximately 5 minutes to “boost” – giving it a new shape or geometry that corresponds to the shape of the next aligner in the treatment series. The ClearX- 4D technology was patented in 2019 and K-Line Europe received its FDA approval in 2022.

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