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Closing the gap between traditional & crypto financial markets

As a fintech specialist developing technologies that facilitate hybrid financial markets, Membrane Finance designs and builds core stablecoin infrastructure, applications and services for institutions, marketplaces and end-users. Membrane Finance is the principal architect of EUROe – an EU-regulated stablecoin that’s a digital representation of fiat Euros.

Fiat or government issued currencies not pegged to a commodity like gold are inherently incompatible with digital currencies. Today, stablecoins are the go-between for traditional finance and virtual currencies. While USD stablecoins are gaining a stronghold in this multi trillion market, EURO is trailing behind without an established equivalent. Membrane Finance is bridging this gap through EUROe which will also provide fast, inexpensive and regulatory-compliant access to DeFI markets.




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Getting an EU-level license is massive news for both us and the wider European cryptocurrency market and community.

Juha Viitala Co-founder and CEO of Membrane Finance

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Seamlessly linking traditional financial infrastructure & blockchain-based services

Membrane Finance aims to foster financial innovation and inclusion by developing an ecosystem of secure money infrastructure, user-friendly applications and stablecoin related services – a mission also backed by their parent company Equilibrium, a world leader in developing all parts of the web3 infrastructure.

With high ambitions for EUROe to become the default currency of choice for Europeans stepping into the new era of money, Membrane Finance is striving to get a competitive edge in the fast growing global stable coin market and lay the foundation for future financial services.

Juha Viitala – CEO; Teemu Päivinen

Membrane Finance’s EUROe solution runs on Ethereum and is backed by at least an equivalent value of Euro held in fiat custody. This modern European stablecoin is built on two advanced technology layers and a third network governance layer.

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Stablecoins are an essential part of the transition towards blockchain-based money infrastructure, and Europeans deserve to have a full-reserve euro stablecoin that is from the EU and regulated by EU-based financial authority.

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