Building a global network of 3PL warehouses for online retail.

OGOship is building a global 3PL network of fulfillment hubs for online retail. Using OGOship's network, small and medium-sized online retailers can sell globally but also minimize their shipping distance and delivery times. With their worldwide fulfillment network and smart local-like shipments, businesses can ship globally and sustainably.

OGOship customers can store their goods in several warehouse locations, sell products in multiple online stores and use one inventory, and manage everything with one Order Management System.




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We want to always ship from the closest possible location. Less time used, less costs and for sure less CO2

Timo Toivonen CEO at OGOship


The demand for more sustainable solutions is rising in the field of e-commerce

OGOship has been growing steadily (with 46% YoY Revenue) in Finland and during 2019 made the leap into the Swedish market, as well as opened their warehouse in Venlo, The Netherlands.

OGOship team has extensive experience from serving online retailers and they have found a business model that benefits all stakeholders: warehouse owners, online retailers, and most importantly, the end customers who want their deliveries quickly and with minimum CO2 impact.

OGOship's founders are Timo Toivonen and Pekka Ylenius

The co-founders of OGOship are Timo Toivonen, CEO, a 3PL & e-commerce visionary with more than a decade of experience and a strong industry know-how, and Pekka Ylenius, tech, a deep back-end architect who makes everything work with his life-long coding knowledge and broad tech skills.

Open positions at OGOship

OGOship is currently looking for new team members to their office in Sweden - to know more, head to the career page.

The need for OGOship’s solution is currently more pressing than ever: many traditional retailers are forced to move to online and existing online retailers have to scale up their operations quickly.

Paavo Räisänen Investment Director at Maki.vc

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