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A single solution for online product data access and distribution

Every eCommerce system manages its product data in a unique way. This gives an unprecedented advantage to sales channels with access to product data. As a result, large international marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon and Zalando dominate the space. Leaving behind a long tail of companies struggling to scale and monetize with eCommerce. Outshifter is leveling the playing field by allowing suppliers to share access to their product data with multiple third parties at the same time, in one universal format.

Outshifter’s single API pulls and standardized product data from suppliers, then sends it to sales channels to customize and share as needed—without interfering with the frontend of either. The result – enabling more online surfaces to use ecommerce as a revenue stream and suppliers to radically scale their online distribution.

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We are excited to back Outshifter and the market making opportunity where smaller e-tailers can cost-effectively tap into new audiences by connecting them in a simple and efficient way with established web destinations, who in turn will get new means to monetize their existing audiences.

Pirkka Palomäki Partner at Maki.vc

Here to level the playing field and democratize eCommerce

Now is the perfect time for a solution that can standardize and synchronize product data between eCommerce systems and sales channels. Because, online payments are fast becoming the norm and barriers to setting up shop online are reducing. Meanwhile, consumers are already frequenting online surfaces like socials, apps and websites. Outshifter’s founding team is building on this momentum to lower the threshold for e-tailers to reach more customers through existing online sales channels — through universal product access.

Danielle Tschudi - Founder & CEO; Angelo Sepulveda - Co-founder & CTO; Georg Michelet - Co-founder & COO

Outshifter has partnered with the food delivery giant Wolt and Egmont, one of Scandinavia's leading publishing houses.

We believe the lack of a standard for managing product data, limits the ability to distribute it. By making it possible to access and synchronize product data through one universal format, Outshifter aims to create a more level eCommerce playing field.

Danielle Tschudi CEO of Outshifter

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