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Building a revolutionary e-bike platform

The electronic bike market is growing rapidly, but to make it even more competitive the riding experience must be enhanced and simplified. Revonte's techonology gives manufacturers more flexibility, provides better after-sale services, and improves the user experience.

Their e-bike drive system comes with integrated automatic transmission, built-in connectivity, and full customization. The service also includes a mobile app and cloud services to provide a holistic user experience for e-bike riders.

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Just like in electric cars, software plays a major role in future e-bikes

Otto Chrons CEO at Revonte

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The e-bikes of tomorrow are adaptable and robust

The growth of the e-bike business has been around 20–30% annually and in the summer 2020 e-bikes were sold out all around Europe. Until now, e-bike manufacturers have had little to no chance to influence what kind of technology is used in their bike motors as industry giants make motors with fixed, unmodifiable configurations. Revonte brings to market a drive system with automatic transmission that can be modified for different price groups and uses such as city bikes, mountain bikes, and cargo bikes.

Revonte is taking its drive system to mass production in 2021 with a selected customers and production will then be ramped up for e-bikes arriving in stores.

Revonte's founders are Otto Chrons, Antero Jalkanen, and Iiro Peltola

Otto Chrons is the founder and CEO of Revonte, who has 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and software specialist from embedded to cloud computing in companies such as Umbra and Iiro Peltonen is the CTO of the company and experienced talent in mechanical design.

Revonte collaborates with several industry leaders

European market leader Accell Group, along with Lavelle Bikes and EAV Cargo Bikes have already early-access to Revonte’s technology, and they are all currently designing models using it. The first bikes are expected to go to production in 2021.

Open positions at Revonte

Revonte is building next generation solutions for e-bikes to revolutionize urban transportation and they're currently looking for new talent to join the team.

We give control back to the electric bike manufacturers with a fully customisable system

Antero Jalkanen Co-founder of Revonte

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