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Building the digital standard for karaoke content

Karaoke is the last analog bastion of the entertainment industry and Singa is the first one to give a damn about the market and bring it to the 21st century. With Singa you can stream karaoke anywhere, any device and at any time from mobile to desktops and smart devices.

Singa gives you access to over 80,000 songs from classics to new hits. Whether you want to sing by yourself, throw a karaoke party, or are looking for professional karaoke software for your business, Singa has your back.

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While most other entertainment media were moving towards streaming, karaoke was still stuck in the 90s

Atte Hujanen CEO at Singa

Updating an entire industry

Singa was founded to do for karaoke what Netflix has done for movies and what Spotify has done for music - to update an entire industry. For consumers they provide the easiest way to sing karaoke anytime, anywhere and on any device. For commercial use we provide a truly modern karaoke solution unlike anything else on the market.

At their very core, they are a technology company, focused on providing the best possible singing experience. As a uniquely product-focused company, serving both consumer and professional customers, coupled with deep knowledge of the industry, they are uniquely positioned to become the brand in a global market representing a $15 billion opportunity.

Singa's founders are Atte Hujanen and Tomi Pajunen

Having spent 10 years in and around the karaoke industry and the Nordic startup scene, Atte and Tomi realised that, while all other content industries had gone through their “Spotify moment” - a radical shift to digital platforms and user centric, modern products - karaoke was still stuck in the 90’s, with no foreseeable change in sight. Something had to be done.

Significant partners & customers

Singa has partnered with Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music, and done brand collaborations with Vodafone, Telia and Shure – just to name a few!

Singa is distributed by Apple and Google, and significant customers include Nordic Hospitality Partners, Stonegate Pubs, O'Learys and Green King.

Singa is digitising and redefining an entire industry, striking at something that people already love to do - singing

Atte Hujanen CEO at Singa

Atte Hujanen
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