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One seamless solution for expense management

Companies spend a vast amount of time and money on financial services. With Zevoy, they can simplify their expense management and focus on the business. Zevoy’s technology offers a smarter and faster all-in-one software. It combines Zevoy’s business card with a receipt scanning app and administration portal, and automates all company expenses in real-time - increasing employee satisfaction along the way. This team is now paving the way for Nordic fintech, and by the end of 2021, Zevoy will expand its operations to multiple European markets and become the leading expense management solution provider over time.





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We want entrepreneurs to spend time on their business and our goal is to make expense management less of a hurdle.

Christoffer Rosqvist Founder & CEO of Zevoy

It’s time to simplify company spending

Zevoy’s expense management solution was built during the pandemic in less than 12 months from founding date. From the beginning their mission was clear - to do what other expense management companies have done but more efficiently. Maintaining the momentum, Zevoy also obtained approvals by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA), Visa Principal Membership and launched an all-in-one Visa business card running on Zevoy ecosystem.

Zevoy's founders are Christoffer Rosqvist - CEO; Jonas Strahl - CFO; Joakim Lundborg - CTO; Ron Lindqvist and ; Aage Reerslev - IR. The founders have several years of experience in B2B cloud services and finance, from companies like Wrapp/Meniga, Vainu and Aktia Bank.

Zevoy has created a new Finnish fintech success story using their vast experience in financial technology. The team is now searching for a Senior Frontend Developer and Sales Development Representative.

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We're challenging the European market, which has huge potential

Ron Lindqvist Co-founder of Zevoy

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